About us

Concession company ALBRAIL SH.P.K, was established on 13 January 2016, registered with number NUIS L61314003H and central address Boulevard ʺ Dëshmorët e Kombit ”, Twin Towers, Tower No. 2, Floor V / 2, Tirana – Albania,

The project of rehabilitation of the railway transport in the area of Fier-Vlora-Ballsh started as an innovative idea of the partners of the company, Alb – Star Shpk and Matrix Konstruksion Shpk, concretized with the presentation of the unsolicited offer at the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure which was based on a real investment plan realized with the assistance of the Italian company Italferr.

Thanks to the experience, commitment and seriousness of the partner companies, Albrail was announced the winner of the concession and signed on 04 February 2016, a Contract with the object “Concession / Public Private Partnership (ROT) for the Rehabilitation, Operation and Transfer of Fier – Ballsh, Fier-Vlora Railway Infrastructure”, with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Albania.


Albrail successfully completed for a period of two years (2017-2018) the rehabilitation of the railway branch of the Fier refinery, the railway line connecting the freight stations Fier and Vlora and the railway infrastructure at the intermediate stations. Also, a loading station for railway cisterns was built in the final part of the Fier refinery, which would enable the realization for the first time of the crude oil transport from Fier towards the Petrolifera Italo-Albanese terminal in Vlora.

To enable an efficient and sustainable freight transport, Albrail has created a rail transport fleet consisting of 3 CKD production locomotives, 2 type 770 and 1 type 711, as well as 33 tank cars of Belgian-French production.

The most important asset of Albrail company are its employees who, thanks to their professionalism and many years of experience in the Albanian railway transport, make possible the successful realization of the railway transport in the concession area.

Launched as a modest project with only 3 employees at the beginning of 2016, the company Albrail has about 80 employees in its structures who offer their contribution in achieving a sustainable long-term growth.

In December 2018, Albrail started the crude oil rail transport operations in the direction of Vlora, gradually increasing the volume of transport and meeting the needs of its strategic client Bankers Petroleum Ltd. Currently the company has reached record daily transport figures of more than 2,000 tons becoming the most important carrier in Albania in terms of the volume of rail freight.

The success of Albrail company is based on our organizational culture which inspires transportation security and correct cooperation with customers. Thanks to this culture, we guarantee our customers that all Albrail staff feel supported, accountable and committed to common goals.


Albrail’s vision is to gradually become the first rail freight and passenger carrier in the Albanian network by providing a fast, quality, safe and reliable service.


Albrail aims to reactivate a forgotten transport in more than two decades by developing innovative transport solutions and creating value for customers, the company’s transport related parties and employees as the safest and most reliable rail company.

The company plans to build a strong position in the domestic market by utilizing the experience of its partners in the transport industry as well as the lack of a competitive climate in the rail transport industry. Albrail aims to create a rail system that ensures the effective movement of goods and provides a comfortable and economical solution for passengers, supporting the economic development of the area and environmental sustainability.


  • Promote the effective movement of goods and passengers;
  • Encourage intermodal linkage between different modes of transport (rail, road and port);
  • Provide greater economic opportunities for SMEs and large businesses in the country;
  • To promote local and national economic development;
  • Promote environmental sustainability;
  • Promote safe operations on the railway line administered by it;
  • Integrate its operations with the regional and European railway network;